Miami SEO

Miami FL SEOWho knows the Miami marketplace and its consumers better than the people who live and work there? People like us, your Miami SEO Team!  Our  group is truly suited to the needs of a business in this great city. Find out what we do and why you might need us today.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is exactly what it sounds like: optimizing your presence on the net. When a search engine goes looking for a consumer’s search terms, algorithms determine which sites rank highest. Since most users don’t look past page one of their results, you need to be on that first page. Here’s how Florida SEO specialists like us get you there.

Miami SEO – Research

When you come to us we determine which key words related to your industry are in common use. Our Miami SEO experts discuss with you what makes your business unique and combines these factors with the key word climate. Together these form your SEO key word profile. It might look strange: customers use short phrases that aren’t grammatically correct to locate stuff on the internet. That’s what we look at using special analytical tools. These lead us to backlinks: how many you have on the web, where they’re located, and their quality.


Often it’s the job of an SEO professional to tell customers they need to make changes. For instance, search engines penalize companies for low-quality content or backlinks. A backlink of poor quality is posted on a website unrelated to the customer’s industry. Low-quality writing contains so many key words it’s painful. Search engines love particular websites ending in .edu and .gov.

A problematic website is a liability: you’d be better off going back to newspaper advertising. We can build you a better site that loads within a few seconds, is visually attractive, isn’t too busy, and looks professional. Let us make it easy and pleasing to use: customers aren’t sympathetic when your website is confusing or your garish color choices and squiggly font make their eyes hurt.


Our team will get you connected with social media. It’s common for older firms not to think of this avenue unless a young, new member of staff tips off the boss. You could be thriving, not just surviving, and social media helps to make that happen. More people find out about you and get a chance to “meet” you in person. With Facebook, for instance, business people seem more approachable and “real.” Social media gives the boss a way to find out what people are thinking without going door to door or starting an expensive print campaign. A lot of consumers ignore surveys but give them a chance to write comments on Facebook and they’re more than happy to share what they think. Our friends speak of very similar things.


Don’t take our word that these changes and additions are working for you. Calculate any changes in customer interest and sales every month and look for an increase by the third month. We also use analysis tools to find out if your rankings change online and by how much, we are simple the best option for Miami SEO. Within 6 months it will be clear that our approach has made a difference to your fortunes.