Importance Of Reputation Management And Repair

31544898_sYour name and reputation spread quickly across the internet for better or worse. People find out when employees do something good but also when they make a nasty comment to a customer or don’t satisfy a contract. A good reputation can take years to establish and just minutes to destroy, but that’s why there are reputation management specialists like us out there to help you.

What We Do

As reputation management experts, we at the Miami SEO Team can help you build and maintain an appearance of reliability. If you had a good reputation but a smear campaign or one wrong move shattered that, it’s our job to help repair the damage. We do this ethically, using tools at our disposal, and we can also show you how to do this yourself.

Make the Most of Reviews

Don’t underestimate the power of a good or bad review on Google or Yelp. Most of these are legitimate comments by real customers. They get the chance to say exactly what they want as long as they don’t use foul language or make threats. What inspires a client to place a review in the first place? You, the business owner, have to give customers a good reason. That might be incentives for writing positive review, such as loyalty points and bonus offers.

You could offer free products and samples. It might even work just to tell people that their reviews matter, asking them to please comment on Google so their business will survive. Together, we’ll work on a strategy that draws out customers and gives them a good reason to write honestly in your favor.

We can’t get rid of the bad reviews but we can work to outnumber them. Furthermore, negative reviews can work to your advantage. Comment on them with humility, answering concerns clients have, make promises, and see those promises through. Sometimes it’s the way a firm handles bad press that turns customers in their favor.

Social Media

You really have to use Facebook and Twitter to your advantage because competitors could use it to your disadvantage. Get as many likes on Facebook as you can and they give you the appearance of a well-liked firm with a lot of happy customers. We can help you construct a contest or a promotion to encourage visits and “likes” that will increase your visibility. Give away free products or coupons to get noticed and improve your search engine rankings. Eventually, if you behave ethically and sell a good product, these contacts will lead to long-term customers who continue to comment on social media and who list you among their “favorites” alongside other firms they respect.

Reputation Management

Our clients revisit their online reputation regularly, hiring us to analyze and evaluate online references. We find out what good and bad things people are saying and where these posts are located. Comments on high-quality sites carry the most weight. Site analytics also show us clients’ search engine rankings and number of site visits so we can find out if a reputation is suffering and why. If you think the public needs to see your best side, hire our reputation management services.