Site Analytics

ANALYSIS puzzle-961800_1920Let’s take a look at website analytics, and our Miami SEO Team’s approach to this.

Businesses that want a lift in their search engine presence often turn to SEO professionals like us. This is why you are here at our team’s site to begin with. When we speak with potential clients for the first time, we typically break the process down and explain how they can improve their rankings on Google and Bing, starting by analyzing client’s current sites. From there we build a plan and then conduct some more analysis. Here are a few of the things we are looking for.

Rankings on Search Engines

Using specialized software, we find out how often your site is accessed by users on all the major search engines. We can even go one better: establishing your performance against competitors. Learn how they are performing too and devise a plan that puts you ahead of the game.

Where Rankings Come From

Site analytics allow us to see why your web page receives fewer hits than the competition’s website receives, at least before you get started with an SEO marketing approach. Has it something to do with out-of-date content or duplicate writing? Is your website loading too slowly? Have you posted low-quality content? Site analytics can read the speed of your site (it shouldn’t take more than 3 seconds to load), number of views per month, and conversion rates.

Conversion Rates

This is a fancy term for the ratio of how many people who click on your e-commerce page buy something. We find out what typical conversion rates are for the industry as a whole. Then we find out what your conversion rates look like. With our help you can make up the difference and start competing in a tough market.

Key Word and Backlink Analytics

Key words are terms or phrases consumers use when they want to find a Notary Public, lawn maintenance, or custom jewelry design firm. These key words are not your slogan or catch phrase: assume the public hasn’t heard about you yet. They know what they want, so you need to know that too. Analytics lets us figure out what these words are so you can include them in website content like a blog, Facebook entry, or content on your landing page.

Backlink analytics provide the number of listings for your website embedded into other sites: the ones readers press on to take them directly to the page. Learn where they are, how often they are used, and whether some of them should be removed.

Using the Analytics

All of these figures and more show the SEO professional how your site is performing. Maybe your key word content is good but website loading is too slow. Perhaps you don’t have enough social media presence or you could be paying a penalty for low-value or spammy backlinks. From these statistics, we work with you to form a plan and then we use the tools again. This time we are tracking our performance so you can see if our plan is working or not and, if so, where it’s working best.

We follow the numbers regularly so we can make little adjustments along the way until the entire plan is successful for you. That means there are more visits to your site, people know who you are, and more consumers are buying your goods and services.