Site Design and Content

pc-185837_1280How do website design and content affect your ability to compete in your market? This is an extremely important question to consider as we go forward. This is something that we deal with on a daily basis with our clients.

Everyone who uses the internet regularly has come across very good and very bad websites:

  • The good ones load quickly. All elements match the tone of the business: fun, professional, or exclusive. The font is legible and the site is simple to navigate.
  • A bad site loads slowly. The font is often difficult to read, landing page content doesn’t tell the consumer what this firm is about, and navigation is tricky.

If that point about “a bad site” makes you cringe or sounds familiar, don’t panic. Here is how your Miami SEO Team can help you build a better website.

First, let’s have a look at why website design matters in the first place.

A time when websites didn’t matter and were unique to customers of high-level technology has come and gone. You need a website if your business is going to work out. This site doesn’t have to be expensive, artistic, or complicated: it just has to be attractive and sensible enough to keep a potential client on the page to see what you have to offer. If he can’t make the site do what he wants because the tool bar isn’t clearly visible, he can’t tell what you’re trying to sell; or the site loads really slowly, he’s going to run out of patience.

Ans, unless you are the only service provider around in a niche industry, these experiences are going to kill your profits because that consumer just clicked on the competitor’s page.

SEO Content

How does the client find your site in the first place? Your content leads him there. Whether it’s a short description of products or a series of articles linked to your page, a search engine uses the terms a consumer types in and if their terms match the ones found in your content (key words) your website comes up. Original content is important because consumers remember it. Google also penalizes plagiarism.

Website Elements

A lot of business owners try to get fancy with their website design but they wind up with a page that’s the wrong size and some content doesn’t show up or consumers have to move from side to side: that’s irritating. They choose colors which give viewers a headache, such as purple on black. Meanwhile, lettering is either very small or the font is too ornate to read properly. Across the page the writer or designer might have chosen varied font types and sizes adding to an unsophisticated and unpleasant presentation.

We stick with basics: dark writing in a reasonably sized font, probably Arial or Times New Roman, unless you have good reason to veer from the norm. Images will be easy to see. Links will take customers where they expect to go: to a full product listing, pricing, hours, contact details, or a social media page.

Design and Content

Content is basically writing: everything from headings and sub-headings to captions and articles. These could be short informative write-ups in the educational or “blog” section. They could be short descriptions of products on a page listing items of a specific category (sports watches for women or remote controlled cars for adults). Original content containing enough of the popular key words and written smoothly helps search engines locate your website. Good design encourages consumers to stay and shop.

Finally, don’t worry if you don’t feel as though you know how to make your design “pop.” This is part of what we do, and we have a lot of experience in this! And if we work together, we’ll be helping every step of the way.