Technical Elements Of SEO

seo-896175_1920Although we’ll certainly go into this in more depth when we meet in person, we’ll address another common question our clients have had – and that you, too, may have: “How do SEO professionals analyze and track the performance of a client’s web campaign before and after hiring the Miami SEO Team?” We use analytical tools we’re going to talk about now. I’ll use layman’s terms so the facts are clear.

Search Engine Terms

SEO (search engine optimization) service providers like us know where to find the top key words for a type of industry: a warehouse selling bulk candy; a furniture store; or a dry cleaner in a specific location. We can help you bid for keywords if that’s necessary (using what is called “Pay Per Click” advertising, where you pay when someone clicks on your advertisement) but the main thing is knowing what words your target customer base uses when they type terms into a browser. That’s one of our many jobs because appropriately written content with the correct keywords included leads search engines to your website or social media page.

Who is Visiting Your Site?

A variety of analytical tools lets us find out how many site visits you receive in total and to which of your pages if you are running a separate WordPress blog. We will check monthly figures and determine a trend during the year before signing on to provide you with our SEO services. Every month we go back and check those numbers again looking for signs of a measurable increase in visits. By around 3 months it should be clear whether the numbers are any higher and our strategy is working.

Using this approach, it sometimes turns out that one of your URLs is a waste of time and money: shut it down. It might not be helping your rankings if it contains duplicate or out-of-date content. If customers find a poor representation of your firm in the shape of a website that doesn’t load and with outdated content, you will lose their attention and a possible sale. Remember that if it takes more than a few seconds to load your page, customers move along to the next website. They don’t have patience and are also suspicious that slow-loading pages are ravaged by viruses.

Breaking these Numbers Down

We can also use these same analytical tools to find out where visits are coming from. Do they start with someone clicking on a backlink? Do people type in your website directly? Are they directed there by a search engine link? Find out what your SEO experts have to say about these numbers so you can plan accordingly.

Backlink Facts

Another technical feature of your SEO package is determining how many times your website link is listed on sites you didn’t post. These are backlinks. You arranged most of them or had them arranged for you. A software program devoted to backlink identification lets us track these and determine their value. If you think more is better, think again: Google is so sophisticated they can tell when you’re just flooding the internet rather than thinking about your approach. Lots of our customers discover several of their backlinks are misplaced on websites where they appear out of place with the content. Don’t let Google penalize you for thoughtlessness: take control, remove some of your links, and focus on establishing connections of higher value with the help of software and our expert guidance.